Steyn City, Midrand

Are you in the market for a new home? If so, Steyn City should be at the top of your list. This luxurious masterpiece of craftsmanship offers residents a unique combination of city living and nature with 50% parks and amenities vs housing. With its prime location and array of amenities, it’s no wonder that Steyn City is one of the most sought-after addresses in Johannesburg. In this guide, we will provide an overview of Steyn City houses for sale, as well as information on schools and how to choose the right property for you in Steyn City.

Steyn City houses for sale: what makes it so special?

Steyn City Parkland Residence is a luxury real estate development located in Northern Johannesburg, South Africa. With its stunning modern homes and sweeping green belts, Steyn City has quickly become one of the most sought-after residential destinations in the country, offering prospective purchasers an oasis away from the city centre of Sandton and the CBD. But what makes this exclusive community so special? Simply put, Steyn City offers the ultimate in luxury living, with world-class amenities and impeccable services that cater to every need. Whether you’re looking for a place to raise your family or a retreat for yourself and your friends, Steyn City is the ideal setting for everyone. From well-appointed homes with private swimming pools, and unsurpassed views, to top-notch dining options and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, this exclusive community truly has it all. So if you’re ready to experience the life of your dreams at Steyn City, visit today and start imagining all the possibilities!

The different neighbourhoods that make up Steyn City

Steyn City estate is a luxury housing development located just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. With its lush green spaces, amazing views, modern amenities, and high-end housing options, this exclusive community has become a popular destination for home buyers looking to live the good life. Several neighbourhoods or suburbs within Steyn City offer unique features and benefits.

The Views

Close to the main entrance at William Nicol Gate and the amazing City Centre, this suburb offers views of Johannesburg all the way to Sandton and a choice of 104 luxury apartments situated on 104 On Creek or full title luxury homes spread among parks.

For those who value privacy and tranquility above all else, The Valley may be the perfect fit. This area offers plenty of wide open spaces and secluded cul-de-sacs and quiet street for added peace and privacy.

Park Ridge

This Steyn City suburb offers all property types including Clusters in Origin and 65 On Park, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Oasis and a variety of freehold stands and top quality homes. It is sought-after, thanks to its prime location near the club house and golf course. It offers stunning natural views coupled with countless upscale amenities such as swimming pools, The Deli Restaurant, and parks.

The Lakes

Known for its stands and houses surrounded by nature, dams and waterways, this is where you buy a house or build your own if you value privacy and tranquility.

Fairways Valley

You will love the breath-taking views of the 18 hole Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. This area offers plenty of wide open spaces and secluded cul-de-sacs and quiet street for added peace and privacy. Elevated stands and full title homes appealing to both golfers and non-golfers alike.

River View

Nature lovers paradise with a rushing river, green belts and plenty of stands and homes to choose from.

The Village

Close to the Steyn City school and several play parks and child-friendly facilities and the equestrian centre, this suburb is also close to the Cedar road gate. A choice of prime stands for a family friendly living.

The City Centre

The latest addition, close to the main entrance, exclusive apartment development offering 1,2, 3 and 4 bedroom top end apartments including appliances and top of the range finishes, situated around several plazas and across from the 300 meter lagoon. Concierge facilities, tapas restaurant, hairdressers, coffee shops and a bakery are just some of the amenities on offer at the City Centre. Overall, Steyn City is an ideal choice for anyone looking for luxurious houses for sale in Johannesburg. With its beautiful natural setting, state-of-the-art facilities, and wide range of housing options to suit every budget, it truly has something for everyone. So if you’re on the hunt for your dream home in an elite community, look no further than Steyn City!

The types of houses that are available in Steyn City

Steyn City is a sprawling community located just outside the bustling city of Johannesburg. As one of South Africa’s premier residential areas, Steyn City boasts an extensive selection of houses for sale. Looking for a beautiful family home with plenty of parking and staff accommodation? Steyn City has it. Or a 6 bedroom mansion complete with a jaw-dropping entertainment area and home automation features? It’s here. If a townhouse or luxury penthouse with Miele appliances and exquisite design elements is on your shopping list, it could already be here. Maybe you want to purchase a large stand and hire the distinguished architect Hugo Hamity to design your own modern family home complete with solar panels, underfloor heating, and a koi pond? Why not? If you can dream it, you can have it here! With its wide selection of architectural styles and design features, Steyn City has something to suit every taste and budget. For those who are looking for the ultimate in luxury living, numerous grand estates offer the utmost privacy as well as unparalleled views of the golf course and surrounding countryside. Whether you’re starting on your own or looking to downsize in retirement, Steyn City has the perfect home waiting just for you. So why wait? Start exploring all that this amazing community has to offer today!

How much do houses in Steyn City cost?

Detached or free-standing homes are the most popular type of property in Steyn City. These detached homes are typically two storeys high and offer ample space for families. If you’re looking for a luxurious property, then a detached home is the way to go. Prices for detached homes start at around R10 000 000 and can go well over R100 000 000. Semi-detached and townhouses are another popular option in Steyn City. These homes are usually two storeys high and offer slightly less space than detached homes with access to the same amenities and incredible security as free-standing full title homes. However, they are more affordable, with prices starting at around R6 000 000 million. Stands enable you to build the architectural masterpiece of your dreams, complete with a striking exterior front door that leads into a double volume entrance hall guaranteed to make a statement. With plenty of space on 805m2-4306m2 stands, prices range from R3.5m to R18.1m. New luxury apartments are hugely popular for singles, couples and smaller families and boast a large open plan kitchen, sunny bedrooms, and green belt access. Sizes range from 68m2-474m2 and are priced from R2.3m to R35m.

How to find the right house for you in Steyn City

If you’re looking for a new home in this vibrant secure estate, you’ve come to the right place. With so many houses for sale in Steyn City, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. But by keeping these key tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect house that checks all of your must-haves and more! The first thing to consider when choosing a home is location. Take some time to explore different areas and suburbs of Steyn City and see what each has to offer in terms of amenities and convenience. This will help you identify which location is right for your lifestyle and needs. Once you’ve narrowed down your search area, contact us to help guide your search for houses for sale in Steyn City. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to point out overlooked features or potential problems with different homes and neighbourhoods, saving you both time and money in the long run. Next, look at each house’s layout and specs carefully before making any decisions about whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Some things to consider include square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, storage space, outdoor space, and the overall condition of the property. If you have any specific needs or wants, be sure to communicate those with us so we can help you find the perfect home. Consider integrated technologies, solar power and other eco-friendly additions such as water tanks, North-facing exposure and green belt. Once you’ve found a few houses that meet your criteria, it’s time to start thinking about making an offer. This is where working with an experienced real estate agent is most important. Steyn city is dedicated to ensuring safety and security for all its residents. Purchasers complete crime and credit checks for the protection of all. All purchasers are also given the MOI, Home Owners rules and architectural guidelines so they know exactly what ethos and vision they are buying into. Your property practitioner estate agent will explain all details to you and hold your hand throughout the paperwork and all steps of purchasing. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the running costs of owning a property. Estate levies, complex levies, if purchasing in one of the apartment or cluster sectional title developments and special levies if applicable. Special levies can be raised in sectional title developments from time to time to cover additional costs of maintenance, painting exterior or similar and are payable as a once off fee or over a period of time. Prospective purchasers should ask about a detailed breakdown of all costs associated with the property to avoid surprises. Additionally you should consider rates and taxes, utilities and internet usage.

What to expect when buying a house in Steyn City

When thinking about buying a house, most people focus on the search for the perfect home. However, there is also the equally important task of finding the right community in which to purchase that home. One of the best options today is Steyn City – a large planned community nestled on the northern outskirts of Johannesburg and designed with every aspect of modern life in mind. Whether you are looking for proximity to nature, a quality private school for your children and healthcare facilities, commercial property, or plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and socialising, Steyn City has it all. And with its carefully planned infrastructure and variety of housing options, this community truly offers something for everyone. So if you are considering buying a house in Steyn City, here is what you can expect when starting your search. First and foremost, be prepared to explore a wide range of potential homes – whether it’s an apartment overlooking one of the area’s many green spaces or a luxury mansion set amid sprawling woodlands and gardens. Whatever your budget or lifestyle preferences may be, you’re sure to find a home that suits you perfectly in Steyn City. In addition to the countless beautiful homes available, this community also offers residents access to some of South Africa’s top schools, safe public parks, world-class amenities, and much more. If you’re looking for a place to raise a family or retire in comfort and style, Steyn City should be at the top of your list. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about houses for sale in Steyn City and begin your search for the perfect home.

Consider transfer costs

New developments often include transfer costs. You will have to budget for your bond fees and conveyancer fees, a very rough estimate would be to budget around 1% of purchase price to cover various costs. The same applies to VAT registered. Re-sales and private sales would carry transfer duty which are based on SARS issued amounts and vary from roughly 9% up to roughly 12% of purchase price. The more premium priced properties with higher duty. These are paid over and above the selling price and will not form part of a bond application so you need to have the cash available. If you are planning to buy land, this brings in a host of considerations such as how much time you have to submit plans, start building and complete the project before getting estate penalties, how to obtain a bond for a building project, how to select the right builder and architect and more. We are here to help with advice and guidance.

The schools and other amenities that are available in Steyn City

Steyn City is a world-renowned residential area that is situated in the heart of South Africa. The area is known for its opulent and luxurious homes, as well as its excellent schools and amenities. If you are considering buying a property in Steyn City, it is important to know what different schools and amenities are available in the area. This guide will provide you with an overview of the different schools and amenities that are available in Steyn City so that you can make an informed decision about which property to purchase. Plenty of large trees, parks, kids’ zones, outdoor sporting facilities, rivers and lakes allow for the full enjoyment of South Africa’s beautiful weather and outdoor lifestyle. Among the plentiful sporting facilities on offer are an equestrian center, skate park, fishing, cycling lanes, 50 km mountain bike trails, 35 km pedestrian and running trails, outdoor gym, yoga and Pilates, tennis, rugby field, 18-hole golf course, and more. Relaxation is offered at the stunning club house, restaurant, deli, outdoor pools, laguna, city centre and parks. The Steyn City school is catering for children from grade 000 to matric. Offices, shopping center, retirement village and city apartments add to the feeling of living in a town complete with its unique culture and dedication to quality and safety. One of the main reasons why people choose to live in Steyn City is because of the excellent school that is located on the estate. Other reasons are the 18-hole Nicklaus Design championship golf course, equestrian centre, helistop, 50km mountain bike trail, and even a 300 metre lagoon. And of course the acres of land.

How big is Steyn City?

Steyn City is a luxury residential development located just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Spread over more than 2000 acres (or 809 hectares), Steyn City is an expansive and beautiful community that caters to the needs of families and individuals alike. With its lush greenery, picturesque waterways, and carefully crafted architecture, this unique space offers residents the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and style. With its central location only minutes away from shopping malls and excellent schools, Steyn City attracts many people who are looking for the ideal place to call home. At over 2,000 acres in size, this impressive development has plenty of room for all kinds of houses, from spacious single-family homes to luxurious multi-story mansions. With such a variety of options available, anyone looking for a house for sale in Steyn City should be able to find exactly what they are looking for. So if you’re thinking about buying a house here or if you simply want to learn more about this amazing community, then get in touch with us today. We will guide you with an in-depth look at Steyn City, its many amenities, and of course, all the houses that are currently for sale.

Latest Properties in Steyn City
Video Tour
R 14,000,000
Property #2250240, House for sale in Steyn City
House for sale in Steyn City
Modern Elegance: Spacious 4 Bed, 3.5 Bathroom Home With Backup Power
A 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath home with modern amenities, green belt views, double garage, and electricity backup. Ideal for families.
R 3,150,000
Property #2248325, Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Prestigious Estate Living: 2 Bed, 2 Bath Retreat With Views
Luxurious 2-bedroom residence in a prestigious estate with park views, top amenities, sports facilities, fine dining, and leisure activities.
R 2,170,000
Property #2190832, Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Apartment for sale in Steyn City
🌟 Deluxe Ground Floor Living At Oasis Apartments, Steyn City 🌟
Luxurious corner apartment with a Miele kitchen, spa-like bathroom, resort-style amenities, and a pet policy excluding cats. Located in Steyn City.
Video Tour
R 2,695,000
Property #2190799, Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Embrace Luxury Living At Steyn City's City Centre Apartments
Luxury apartments with top-tier appliances, garden oasis, pet-friendly, prime location, amenities galore - Steyn City's City Centre offers it all.
R 2,795,000
Property #2190793, Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Apartment for sale in Steyn City
Discover Modern Living At Steyn City's City Centre Apartments
Luxurious apartments with premium appliances, pre-paid electricity, stunning views, plush interiors, underground parking, pet-friendly, and a range of amenities.
R 18,000 / month
Property #2152191, Apartment rental monthly in Steyn City
Apartment to rent in Steyn City
Stylish Fully Furnished One Bed Apartment
A luxurious, furnished one-bedroom apartment in Steyn City Estate, offering modern amenities, natural beauty, and convenient access to urban essentials.
R 10,000,000
Property #2146286, Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Build Your Dream Home: Explore Plots Of Land For Sale In Steyn City, Johannesburg
Steyn City offers plots of land for sale in Johannesburg, with world-class amenities and picturesque surroundings for bespoke luxury living.
R 8,000,000
Property #2146284, Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Discover Luxurious Living: Land For Sale In The Exclusive Steyn City Estate
Steyn City is a luxury lifestyle estate in Johannesburg, offering land for sale to design and build dream homes with world-class amenities.
R 6,000,000
Property #2146268, Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Vacant Land Residential for sale in Steyn City
Build Your Dream Home In The Exclusive Steyn City Estate: Prime Land For Sale
Land for sale in Steyn City estate, offering opportunity to build a luxurious home with world-class facilities and natural beauty.